Prevent Plumbing Disasters During the Summer With This Expert Advice

Keep the Summer Stress-Free With These 3 Plumbing Tips 

Summer is a time of fun, relaxation, and recreation. Unfortunately, fate sometimes has other plans. Dealing with stressful plumbing problems during the summer is never fun, but people can help avoid plumbing disasters and protect their summer by taking certain steps. Here are three tips for protecting the plumbing during the summer and helping to prevent plumbing issues. 

Always Watch for Plumbing Leaks 


Leaks in the home can be a significant problem, causing costly water damage and skyrocketing water bills. It is essential to catch leaks early, as continuing to ignore them can lead to costly repairs and higher bills, so homeowners should look out for the warning signs of leaks, including sounds of running water, mold or mildew growth, warping floorboards or walls, and unaccounted-for increases in the water bill. 

However, the best way for homeowners to detect a leak is by checking their home’s water meter. Simply turn off all plumbing fixtures and appliances that use water in the home, then check the water meter. Take note of the reading and then go back and check after an hour of using no water. If it's still running, then there is likely a leak. A plumber should address leaks as soon as possible to prevent severe damage and costs this summer. 

Don’t Pour Grease and Oil Down the Drain 


If a vacation isn’t in the plans for the summer, a backyard barbeque or party probably is. But just because everyone is having fun doesn't mean homeowners shouldn’t be vigilant against plumbing problems. One of the common causes of sewer line clogs during the summer is improper disposal of food scraps and cooking oil and grease. 

Instead of scraping off the food scraps from plates into the sink or pouring cooking oil and grease down the drain, dispose of them properly in the garbage. This will prevent grease and oil from sticking to the inside of pipes, collecting food and debris, and forming nasty clogs that can hurt the plumbing. 

Schedule Routine Plumbing Maintenance 

To ensure that summers are free from plumbing-related disasters, homeowners should never forget to schedule routine plumbing maintenance. Plumbing maintenance involves important things like water heater maintenance, pipe inspections, and preventative drain cleaning that help protect the plumbing and prevent problems. 

Maintenance visits also give plumbers a chance to spot issues with the plumbing and fix them before they get worse and cause problems for the home’s plumbing. Many essential parts of the plumbing get checked during maintenance, so having it done routinely can help extend the plumbing’s lifespan and prevent future repairs.  

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