Turn the Bathroom Into a Luxury Spa Oasis

Three Ways to Upgrade the Bathroom for Mom

Mother’s Day is this month, and instead of buying flowers that will die in a week, why not upgrade the bathroom for a more permanent gift? It’s never too late to give Mom a gift she will love. A bathroom renovation can be more than just a gift for mom. It can be a gift for the whole family. This article will suggest a few bathroom upgrades to make anyone enjoy their space more. 

Get a Showerhead Upgrade

shower head Getting a new showerhead is a simple upgrade, but it can make a big difference in the showering experience. Some popular options available for showerhead upgrades include the following: 

  • Low-Flow Showerheads: If a homeowner decides to replace the showerhead and is looking for an eco-friendly option, a low-flow showerhead is the way to go. This type of shower head is designed to save water and money without sacrificing water pressure.
  • Rain Showerheads: These are typically larger showerheads meant to hang vertically and allow a relaxing water flow to simulate rainfall. It creates a calming shower experience and can be a focal point for the room.
  • LED Shower Heads:  These shower heads provide a bit of color light therapy along with the shower. They usually have a range of color choices that can provide a calming light or one to help energize.
  • Built-In Speakers: Some high-tech shower heads now come with built-in speakers that allow a person to listen to music or podcasts to their heart’s content.

Install a Bathtub

bathtub A new bathtub can completely change the look of a bathroom. Whether it is a corner jacuzzi tub or a vintage-looking clawfoot tub, it will set the tone for the room. Baths contribute to a luxurious feel in the bathroom and can also provide various health benefits, including:

  • Baths can help the body relax and improve mood.
  • They can lower blood pressure.
  • They can improve circulation.
  • They can provide comfort for sore muscles.

Change the Aesthetic With a Sink or Faucet Upgrade

If the bathtub is too large a project, installing a new faucet and sink may be the way to go to help transform the bathroom. Replacing old, outdated faucets with new ones can be beneficial. For example, a new touchless faucet can help save water and prevent germs from spreading. A new sink can also make a refreshing change for an older space. 

Even switching from shiny outdated chrome fixtures to something more understated, like oiled brass, can make a bathroom seem more calming and less sterile. Another way to make a change is by using accessories like art, towels, and plants. Neutral earth tones can help create the desired calm spa aesthetic. 

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