3 Reasons to Be Thankful for Plumbers

Providing Essential Plumbing Services 

Local plumbers are responsible for protecting the safety and comfort of their communities by installing, repairing, and servicing home plumbing systems. Plumbing repairs are complex and often involve heavy labor and unsanitary environments. Without the amazing men and women who dedicate their careers to learning how plumbing systems work, homeowners would not be able to enjoy the comfort and convenience of modern plumbing. 

In this blog post, we discuss three essential plumbing services that homeowners can thank their local plumbers for performing this Thanksgiving. Keeping the water and sewer lines running is essential for a safe and sanitary community. Plumbers do not just repair leaky faucets; they also protect their community from serious hazards like gas leaks. 

Maintaining Water and Sewer Lines

sewer line Home plumbing is a complicated network of pipes that connects back to the main water line and sewer line. The main water line provides the home with clean water from a water processing plant or, in some cases, well water. The sewer line collects and drains all used water from the home’s plumbing fixtures, such as shower drains, sink drains, washers, and toilets. 

Maintaining the sewer line is what protects homeowners from exposure to wastewater. In the past, exposure to sewage was one of the leading causes of illness spreading. Luckily, thanks to the strides in modern plumbing, we enjoy safe and sanitary sewer systems that remove wastewater from our homes. 

Plumbers are to thank for installing, maintaining, and repairing residential water lines and sewer lines. When something goes wrong with either one, homeowners call up their trusted local plumbing company for help. It is recommended for homeowners to always have a dependable plumber a phone call away in case a plumbing emergency, such as a burst sewer line, occurs. 

Gas Leak Repair

Gas line leaks are hazardous because even the smallest sparks can cause the gas to combust in an explosive house fire. A gas leak puts the homeowners and their entire neighborhood and surrounding ecosystem at risk. When homeowners suspect that there may be a gas leak, they need to evacuate the property immediately. 

Homeowners should not turn any lights on or off or use electrical outlets until the gas leak has been resolved. A spark from an outlet or electrical fixture could send the house up in flames if a gas leak is present. Homeowners should call the gas company to turn off the gas. Then, professional plumbers can come into the home, locate the source of the leak, and repair the gas line safely. 

Warning signs of a gas leak are a strange odor or a sudden spike in gas bills. Homeowners may even be able to hear a hissing noise from gas escaping. The best way to protect the home from gas leaks is to install a gas leak detector and call a professional for help as soon as a leak is detected. 

Water Heater Services

water heater The water heater is one of the most important pieces of plumbing hardware in the home. It provides the home with hot water on demand for bathing and cleaning. It is hard to imagine a time when hot water was considered a luxury rather than a standard. Today, we should be grateful for water heaters and the technicians who service them.

Water heater repair can be dangerous because of the high temperatures and gallons of water in the tank. Installation, repairs, and maintenance should only be completed by an experienced and qualified professional. Water heaters must be flushed out regularly by a professional plumber as a part of routine maintenance to prevent sediment buildup from corroding the metal tank. 

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