Turn the Bathroom Into a Luxury Spa Oasis

Three Ways to Upgrade the Bathroom for Mom

Mother’s Day is this month, and instead of buying flowers that will die in a week, why not upgrade the bathroom for a more permanent gift? It’s never too late to give Mom a gift she will love. A bathroom renovation can be more than just a gift for mom. It can be a gift for the whole family. This article will suggest a few bathroom upgrades to make anyone enjoy their space more. 

Get a Showerhead Upgrade

shower head Getting a new showerhead is a simple upgrade, but it can make a big difference in the showering experience. Some popular options available for showerhead upgrades include the following: 

  • Low-Flow Showerheads: If a homeowner decides to replace the showerhead and is looking for an eco-friendly option, a low-flow showerhead is the way to go. This type of shower head is designed to save water and money without sacrificing water pressure.
  • Rain Showerheads: These are typically larger showerheads meant to hang vertically and allow a relaxing water flow to simulate rainfall. It creates a calming shower experience and can be a focal point for the room.
  • LED Shower Heads:  These shower heads provide a bit of color light therapy along with the shower. They usually have a range of color choices that can provide a calming light or one to help energize.
  • Built-In Speakers: Some high-tech shower heads now come with built-in speakers that allow a person to listen to music or podcasts to their heart’s content.

Install a Bathtub

bathtub A new bathtub can completely change the look of a bathroom. Whether it is a corner jacuzzi tub or a vintage-looking clawfoot tub, it will set the tone for the room. Baths contribute to a luxurious feel in the bathroom and can also provide various health benefits, including:

  • Baths can help the body relax and improve mood.
  • They can lower blood pressure.
  • They can improve circulation.
  • They can provide comfort for sore muscles.

Change the Aesthetic With a Sink or Faucet Upgrade

If the bathtub is too large a project, installing a new faucet and sink may be the way to go to help transform the bathroom. Replacing old, outdated faucets with new ones can be beneficial. For example, a new touchless faucet can help save water and prevent germs from spreading. A new sink can also make a refreshing change for an older space. 

Even switching from shiny outdated chrome fixtures to something more understated, like oiled brass, can make a bathroom seem more calming and less sterile. Another way to make a change is by using accessories like art, towels, and plants. Neutral earth tones can help create the desired calm spa aesthetic. 

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Scott Plumbing is a family-owned and operated business serving Huntsville, AL, and the surrounding areas. They provide honest price estimates, same-day service, and always arrive on time. Call them today for bathroom renovation services in Huntsville, AL

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What is a Slab Leak?

The 411 on Slab Leaks

Slab leaks can be a major inconvenience for homeowners and even cause severe damage to their homes if they are not detected and fixed quickly. This blog will discuss what homeowners need to know about slab leaks to help them understand the issue better and make informed decisions to protect their homes.

Slab Leaks and Signs a Home Has One 

A slab leak is a water leak that occurs in the piping under the concrete foundation of a home. These leaks can occur in either the hot or cold water line and are typically caused by corrosion, shifting soil, or poor installation of the pipes. Because the leak is underground, it can be difficult to identify. However, some signs indicate a home may have a slab leak.

Signs that a home may have a slab leak include a sudden increase in the water bills, damp spots on the floor, the sound of running water when no plumbing fixtures are on, low water pressure, wet or cracked walls, and flooding outside around the perimeter of the house. If a homeowner suspects that their home has a slab leak, it is essential to have a professional inspect the home for the leak and fix it as soon as possible to prevent additional damage.

Damage That Can Occur Due to a Slab Leak

save Slab leaks can have several negative effects on a home. Slab leaks can cause extensive water damage to the foundation of the house. This water damage can weaken the overall structural integrity of the house, making it unsafe to inhabit. Water damage can also occur inside the home, including wet or uneven flooring, cracked walls, mold, and mildew growth. 

Inhaling mold or mildew regularly can lead to headaches, dizziness, and even respiratory problems if not taken care of immediately. Slab leaks also increase water bills due to wasting large amounts of water. These leaks can cause serious damage if left untreated, and the damage can be very costly to repair and clean up. Homeowners can avoid further damage and protect their homes by addressing the problem early.

How Can Plumbers Help?

detection Professionals can detect and repair slab leaks using various methods and specialized equipment, depending on the type of leak and its size. For example, an acoustic listening device can be used to detect the sound of a water leak in pipes located behind walls or under floors. Pressure testing may also be used to identify whether a slab leak is present. 

Once the slab leak has been located, a plumber can repair it using epoxy injection or pipe lining techniques. In some cases, replacing the leaking section of the pipe may be necessary to eliminate the problem. Whichever solution is chosen, hiring an experienced professional who can properly locate and fix all areas where water may be leaking is essential. Doing so will help ensure that any further water damage is prevented.

About Scott Plumbing

Scott Plumbing is a local family-owned and operated business serving Huntsville, AL, and the surrounding areas. They provide straightforward pricing, same-day service, and a no-mess promise. Call them today for slab leak repairs in Huntsville, AL

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Going Green With the Plumbing for St. Patrick's Day

Simple Tips for Water Conservation and Lower Water Bills 

St. Patrick's Day is this month, and while most celebrate by donning green clothing and feasting on Irish food favorites, why not get creative and embrace the luck of the Irish by thinking green? Environmentally friendly plumbing practices can help conserve water and lower water bills. Read on to learn tips for going green with plumbing and water conservation for St. Patrick's Day!

Upgrade to Water Saving Plumbing Fixtures

shower Upgrading to water-efficient plumbing fixtures is a simple but effective step that homeowners can take to make their plumbing more eco-friendly and save money. By doing so, they can conserve water, reduce their utility bills, and decrease their environmental impact. Homeowners may consider the following water-saving fixtures:

  • Water-saving toilets: These toilets use less water per flush and can save a significant amount of water over time. Some models even have dual-flush options that allow users to use less water for liquid waste.
  • Low-flow showerheads: These showerheads reduce water usage while still providing a satisfying shower experience and not sacrificing water pressure. They're available in various styles, so homeowners can choose the one that best fits their preferences.
  • Faucet aerators: These add air to the water flow, reducing water use without sacrificing water pressure. They're easy to install and can save a significant amount of water over time.
  • Touchless faucets: These faucets turn on and off automatically and hands-free, saving water by turning off as soon as it’s not in use. They also prevent the spread of germs.  

Practice Eco-Friendly Habits

Nurturing a “green” lifestyle does not necessarily require significant investments or drastic changes in our daily habits. Even minor adjustments can make a difference and save both water and money. Simple steps such as turning off the faucet when brushing teeth and shaving, taking shorter showers, and only using dishwashers and washing machines when they are full can help conserve a lot of water. 

Other actions, like fixing leaky faucets and running toilets as soon as possible, can also help save huge amounts of water while cutting down on water bills. By incorporating these simple habits to conserve water at home, homeowners can reduce their environmental footprint while saving money in the long run. 

What You Should and Shouldn't Flush

toilet Flushing the wrong items down the toilet can harm the environment, as some materials can pollute the ocean and harm wildlife. Knowing what should and shouldn't be flushed is also important to prevent clogs and clogged toilets. Clogs can cause water waste in homes because clogged lines can cause leaks, burst pipes, and frequent toilet clogs, which typically require multiple flushes during the unclogging process. 

People should avoid flushing things like wipes, feminine hygiene products, medication, and paper towels, as these materials can cause blockages in the plumbing and contribute to environmental pollution. On the other hand, toilet paper and human waste are safe to flush. By being mindful of what is flushed, homeowners can help protect the environment and prevent water waste and plumbing problems in their homes.

About Scott Plumbing

The award-winning Scott Plumbing is a local family-owned and operated company serving Huntsville and the surrounding communities. They provide same-day service, straightforward pricing, and a no-mess promise. Call them today for clogged toilet repair or bathroom and kitchen plumbing services in Huntsville, AL.

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Is it Finally Time to Dump That Old Water Heater?

3 Signs it Could Be Time for Water Heater Replacement

Valentine’s Day is about showing love and appreciation for a significant other, celebrating and nurturing the relationship they’ve shared - whether it’s been for a few months, a few decades, or anywhere in between. But, of course, not all relationships work out that way - such as the relationship between homeowners and their old rust bucket of a water heater.

Maybe they’ve had plenty of good times together, and the old appliance has been of excellent service for many years. But when an aging water heater starts acting up and causing trouble, it may be time to say a bittersweet goodbye and move on to a new and improved model. Homeowners can read on to learn three signs a water heater may need replacing.

Corrosion in the Hot Water Tank

corrosion One sure sign it’s time to break things off with the water heater is if the corrosion has taken hold in the hot water tank. Corrosion occurs when oxygen and minerals in the water interact with the metal of the tank wall, causing it to rust and deteriorate. Water heaters contain an anode rod inside the tank which attracts corrosive materials, keeping them from corroding the tank wall. However, this rod will eventually deplete, and if it’s not replaced in time, it cannot protect the tank from corrosion. Routine water heater maintenance helps prevent corrosion because the plumber will replace the anode rod if necessary and flush the minerals and sediment from the tank. 

Signs of a corroded tank include visible rust on the tank, discolored water, and water leaking from it because corrosion weakens the material and can cause leaks. Unfortunately, corroded hot water tanks typically cannot be repaired, so if the tank is rusting, it’s best to replace the entire unit. 

Hot Water Runs Out Faster Than Normal

A more obvious sign of a failing water heater is if there’s not as much hot water as there used to be, the water isn’t as hot, or there’s no hot water at all. This could be caused by various issues like a thermostat malfunction or a broken heating element. So if homeowners notice a lack of hot water or inconsistent temperatures, a water heater repair technician should be called to solve the problem.

However, if the unit is getting along in years (8+ years old), the cost of getting the right parts and replacing them may make water heater replacement a more economical option than repair in the long run. Another consideration is that the hot water may run out faster due to increased demand, a fairly common issue with growing families. In this case, the tank of the unit may be too small for the household, and replacing it with a larger model or a tankless water heater may make more sense.

Higher Energy Bills

bill If the energy bill is going up for no obvious reason, it may indicate that the water heater’s efficiency is diminishing. The water heater is responsible for around 20% of a home’s overall energy usage, so a loss in efficiency can significantly impact utility bills. Water heaters lose efficiency as they age due to normal wear and tear. However, aggressive spikes in energy usage may indicate serious malfunctions - especially if the higher bills coincide with any of the abovementioned issues.

If homeowners spot any of these signs, the best course of action is to call a reputable local plumber to inspect the water heater. Once they’ve diagnosed the issue, they can recommend solutions that best fit the budget and individual needs of the household. And if homeowners do decide to replace the water heater with a new, more energy-efficient model, it could be the start of a beautiful new relationship, saving them money on energy bills.

About Scott Plumbing

The award-winning Scott Plumbing is a local family-owned and operated business serving Huntsville, AL, and the surrounding areas. They offer same-day service, honest pricing, and a no-mess promise. Call them today for water heater services in Huntsville, AL

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Remember Plumbing Maintenance This New Year

Why Perform Plumbing Maintenance?

Water comes into and goes out of the home via a network of pipes. Plumbing may seem like it can just work continuously once installed and will never need to be worked on again. Unfortunately, this is a mistaken impression. Proper care of a plumbing system is essential. Routine maintenance helps prevent major problems with the system before they even start. This keeps professionals from having to replace the system prematurely and improves efficiency.

Keeping the Drains Clean

drain The first way to prevent problems with plumbing is to keep up with drain cleaning. When done correctly, this helps prevent problems with clogs and issues that can occur because of clogs, like leaks and burst pipes. Baking soda and vinegar is a good household remedies that homeowners can use for drains, helping prevent clogs and reducing odors. 

However, homeowners should also schedule routine drain cleaning from a professional to prevent clogs and keep pipes running smoothly. Homeowners should avoid chemical drain cleaners because they can actually do more harm than good and lead to corrosion in the pipes. Professional services like pipe augering and hydro jetting are safe for pipes and are fast and effective ways to clean drains.

Professional Maintenance

Plumbing professionals do much more than just clear clogs and fix leaky faucets. When it comes to maintenance, they can give the whole plumbing system a once over and verify that everything is working correctly. Allowing professionals to perform maintenance lets them get to know the plumbing in a home, and they can identify problems before they become serious. A few of the tasks that a plumber can take care of for the average household during maintenance include the following:

  • Check Backflow Prevention Devices: Certified plumbing technicians can check the home’s backflow preventers to ensure the valves are working correctly to keep dirty water from contaminating the clean supply water. This is important for the health and safety of the whole community.
  • Check for Leaks, Corrosion, and Damage: A plumbing inspection can bring to light issues that homeowners might not have noticed before they cause extensive damage that can cost a great deal to fix. Plumbing techs can tighten loose connections, replace corroded parts, and fix toilet leaks in no time so that a homeowner does not have to deal with the fallout of an issue that was not caught in time. 

Water Heater Maintenance maintenance

Water heater maintenance is just as vital as maintenance for the entire plumbing system. A water heater has a number of parts that need to be checked and kept in proper working order. Routine water heater maintenance leads to better efficiency, lower utility bills, fewer repairs, and a longer lifespan. Some of the tasks that a plumber does during a maintenance visit include:

  • Checking the anode rod and replace if needed
  • Cleaning the burner or heating element
  • Flushing the hot water tank
  • Checking the pressure release valve
  • Tightening connections

About Scott Plumbing

The award-winning Scott Plumbing is a local family-owned and operated business serving Huntsville, AL, and the surrounding areas. They provide same-day service, straightforward pricing, and always on-time service. Call them today for maintenance, drain cleaning, or water heater maintenance in Huntsville, AL