Remember Plumbing Maintenance This New Year

Why Perform Plumbing Maintenance?

Water comes into and goes out of the home via a network of pipes. Plumbing may seem like it can just work continuously once installed and will never need to be worked on again. Unfortunately, this is a mistaken impression. Proper care of a plumbing system is essential. Routine maintenance helps prevent major problems with the system before they even start. This keeps professionals from having to replace the system prematurely and improves efficiency.

Keeping the Drains Clean

drain The first way to prevent problems with plumbing is to keep up with drain cleaning. When done correctly, this helps prevent problems with clogs and issues that can occur because of clogs, like leaks and burst pipes. Baking soda and vinegar is a good household remedies that homeowners can use for drains, helping prevent clogs and reducing odors. 

However, homeowners should also schedule routine drain cleaning from a professional to prevent clogs and keep pipes running smoothly. Homeowners should avoid chemical drain cleaners because they can actually do more harm than good and lead to corrosion in the pipes. Professional services like pipe augering and hydro jetting are safe for pipes and are fast and effective ways to clean drains.

Professional Maintenance

Plumbing professionals do much more than just clear clogs and fix leaky faucets. When it comes to maintenance, they can give the whole plumbing system a once over and verify that everything is working correctly. Allowing professionals to perform maintenance lets them get to know the plumbing in a home, and they can identify problems before they become serious. A few of the tasks that a plumber can take care of for the average household during maintenance include the following:

  • Check Backflow Prevention Devices: Certified plumbing technicians can check the home’s backflow preventers to ensure the valves are working correctly to keep dirty water from contaminating the clean supply water. This is important for the health and safety of the whole community.
  • Check for Leaks, Corrosion, and Damage: A plumbing inspection can bring to light issues that homeowners might not have noticed before they cause extensive damage that can cost a great deal to fix. Plumbing techs can tighten loose connections, replace corroded parts, and fix toilet leaks in no time so that a homeowner does not have to deal with the fallout of an issue that was not caught in time. 

Water Heater Maintenance maintenance

Water heater maintenance is just as vital as maintenance for the entire plumbing system. A water heater has a number of parts that need to be checked and kept in proper working order. Routine water heater maintenance leads to better efficiency, lower utility bills, fewer repairs, and a longer lifespan. Some of the tasks that a plumber does during a maintenance visit include:

  • Checking the anode rod and replace if needed
  • Cleaning the burner or heating element
  • Flushing the hot water tank
  • Checking the pressure release valve
  • Tightening connections

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Why a Sump Pump Should Be On Your Holiday Wish List

This Holiday Season, a Sump Pump Installation Can Be the Ideal Gift!

While rain is great for preserving the landscape and the water supply, it can be concerning for homes. Why? Because rain accumulates over time and occasionally loves to collect inside homes. Of course, this refers to the possibility of flooding. Fortunately, one highly practical piece of plumbing equipment can significantly lower the likelihood that a home will turn into a giant wading pool: the sump pump.

Why Homeowners Should Have a Sump Pump pump

For sump pumps to work, water flows into pits that have been expressly built to house sump pumps beneath the main surface of the basement or lowest part of a home. Most sump pumps include an automated floatation switch that, when the water level rises to a specific level, triggers the device to turn on and start moving water away from the home to prevent flooding. 

A hose pumps the water outdoors to a location where it can drain away from the home’s foundation, helping to prevent structural integrity issues and water damage. Besides the damage sump pumps can help prevent, they also help prevent mold growth and insect infestations that can occur due to the moisture that accompanies flooding. Electricity is the primary power source for sump pumps, but backup battery systems are important in case of a power loss.

Main Types of Sump Pumps

pumps The two most common types of sump pumps are the pedestal sump pump and the submersible sump pump. Pedestal sump pumps have a motor that sits above the water, while submersible sump pumps have motors that can be completely submerged in the water. 

Pedestal sump pumps are easier to install and maintain, as they require less work to access their parts for repairs or replacements because the motors aren't located in the sump basin. However, pedestal sump pumps are noisier than submersible pumps and can be susceptible to damage from water splashing on the motor.

On the other hand, submersible sump pumps are quieter and provide better protection from water damage because they are more powerful and entirely submerged in the water. However, they are more challenging to install and maintain as the motor parts must be accessed by taking the pump out of the sump basin. They also typically don’t last as long as pedestal sump pumps. 

Ultimately, the decision of which type of sump pump to use will depend on the individual situation; both kinds of sump pumps have pros and cons. It is best to consult a professional for advice on which type of sump pump will be best suited for a home’s needs.

Additional or Backup Sump Pumps

Sump pumps work hard to keep homes dry — after all, it is the last line of defense against significant water damage in the house. And, because its job is so critical, homeowners should have a backup in case it fails, or the power goes out from a storm. A secondary or backup sump pump is helpful if the first fails, but it can also provide relief during heavy rainstorms or snow melts if properly installed. 

Even if the primary system is electric, homeowners can still install a backup battery to prevent flooding and water damage if the power goes out. The best time to install a backup battery is when the primary pump is installed. If that isn't possible, contact a professional plumber because the backup will only be useful if correctly installed.

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3 Reasons to Be Thankful for Plumbers

Providing Essential Plumbing Services 

Local plumbers are responsible for protecting the safety and comfort of their communities by installing, repairing, and servicing home plumbing systems. Plumbing repairs are complex and often involve heavy labor and unsanitary environments. Without the amazing men and women who dedicate their careers to learning how plumbing systems work, homeowners would not be able to enjoy the comfort and convenience of modern plumbing. 

In this blog post, we discuss three essential plumbing services that homeowners can thank their local plumbers for performing this Thanksgiving. Keeping the water and sewer lines running is essential for a safe and sanitary community. Plumbers do not just repair leaky faucets; they also protect their community from serious hazards like gas leaks. 

Maintaining Water and Sewer Lines

sewer line Home plumbing is a complicated network of pipes that connects back to the main water line and sewer line. The main water line provides the home with clean water from a water processing plant or, in some cases, well water. The sewer line collects and drains all used water from the home’s plumbing fixtures, such as shower drains, sink drains, washers, and toilets. 

Maintaining the sewer line is what protects homeowners from exposure to wastewater. In the past, exposure to sewage was one of the leading causes of illness spreading. Luckily, thanks to the strides in modern plumbing, we enjoy safe and sanitary sewer systems that remove wastewater from our homes. 

Plumbers are to thank for installing, maintaining, and repairing residential water lines and sewer lines. When something goes wrong with either one, homeowners call up their trusted local plumbing company for help. It is recommended for homeowners to always have a dependable plumber a phone call away in case a plumbing emergency, such as a burst sewer line, occurs. 

Gas Leak Repair

Gas line leaks are hazardous because even the smallest sparks can cause the gas to combust in an explosive house fire. A gas leak puts the homeowners and their entire neighborhood and surrounding ecosystem at risk. When homeowners suspect that there may be a gas leak, they need to evacuate the property immediately. 

Homeowners should not turn any lights on or off or use electrical outlets until the gas leak has been resolved. A spark from an outlet or electrical fixture could send the house up in flames if a gas leak is present. Homeowners should call the gas company to turn off the gas. Then, professional plumbers can come into the home, locate the source of the leak, and repair the gas line safely. 

Warning signs of a gas leak are a strange odor or a sudden spike in gas bills. Homeowners may even be able to hear a hissing noise from gas escaping. The best way to protect the home from gas leaks is to install a gas leak detector and call a professional for help as soon as a leak is detected. 

Water Heater Services

water heater The water heater is one of the most important pieces of plumbing hardware in the home. It provides the home with hot water on demand for bathing and cleaning. It is hard to imagine a time when hot water was considered a luxury rather than a standard. Today, we should be grateful for water heaters and the technicians who service them.

Water heater repair can be dangerous because of the high temperatures and gallons of water in the tank. Installation, repairs, and maintenance should only be completed by an experienced and qualified professional. Water heaters must be flushed out regularly by a professional plumber as a part of routine maintenance to prevent sediment buildup from corroding the metal tank. 

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Common Causes of Sewer Line Problems That Hydrojetting is Used For

High-Pressure Drain Cleaning

Home plumbing fixtures drain into the city sewer via the main sewer line. A clogged sewer line can be a nightmare for homeowners. Blocked drains are one of the most common reasons homeowners call plumbing companies since fixing some clogs requires more than a common household plunger. 

Hydro-jetting services are one of the ways that professional plumbers can quickly clear a tough clog. When the sewer line needs to be cleared, homeowners should call a qualified professional to hydro jet the pipes. Hydrojetting involves shooting water through the line at high speeds to easily remove even the toughest clogs. 

In this blog post, plumbing experts explain how hydrojetting services can be used to fix three common causes of clogged sewer lines. High-pressure drain cleaning is the recommended method for removing blockages and cleaning sewer lines. 

Infiltrating Tree Roots

treeroots A lot of a home’s plumbing system is located underground in the yard outside or underneath the home’s foundation. Tree roots can grow into underground plumbing in search of water. Infiltrating tree roots can cause blockages in the pipes, reduce water flow, and eventually lead to a burst pipe. 

Hydrojetting is the best way to clear tree roots from sewer or water lines. The pressurized water from the hydrojetting machine will blast away the clogs made of tree roots to clear the route for the water. After the roots are removed, any cracks where they may have entered the sewer line will also need to be fixed. 

Grease Build-Up

grease Homeowners should always avoid pouring grease, cooking oil, and animal fat down the drains. It may be tempting to dispose of liquid grease by pouring it down the drain, but when the liquid cools, it hardens and coats the inside of the plumbing. Debris can get caught in the grease build-up and form nasty clogs. 

Homeowners can try to use a mix of baking soda and vinegar to clear away the grease clog. Liquid drain cleaners should never be used because they contain dangerous chemicals. Pouring hot water down the drain can also help to melt away hardened grease to unclog the drain. 

When DIY drain cleaning methods fail to get the job done, homeowners should call a trusted local plumber for hydrojetting services. High-pressure drain cleaning can unclog the line and remove all the grease build-up from the pipes to prevent future clogs. 

Flushing the Wrong Things

Flushing the wrong things down the toilet can wreak havoc on the plumbing system. A sewer line clog can make it impossible for any of the home’s plumbing fixtures to drain correctly, including the toilets. Homeowners should avoid flushing anything besides toilet paper to prevent a sewer line clog. 

Homeowners may think they are getting away with flushing trash down the toilet because the toilet doesn’t immediately clog. However, non-flushable materials can build up in the underground sewer line and damage the plumbing system even if the toilet does not clog initially. The safest way to clear clogs made of non-flushable materials from the sewer line is to use hydrojetting to blast away the source of the clog.

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Simple Tips to Help Prevent Clogged Toilets

Avoid Toilet Clogs With Good Habits

Homeownership would be much easier if every home came with an owner’s manual. Unfortunately, there are very few resources where all the valuable information homeowners need is boiled down into simple and easy-to-understand terms. Sure, books are available to help, and YouTube can give some insight, but homeowners often have to learn by doing and make some mistakes along the way. 

Here to help are some local experts. Clogged toilets are a common problem in the home, and they are often avoidable with a little knowledge and good habits. This article is a quick and concise guide to help homeowners better understand how to prevent toilet clogs so they can avoid the hassles that clogged toilets bring. 

Pay Better Attention to What Gets Flushed

flushed If toilets are frequently clogged in the home, bad habits are often to blame. Except in cases where sewer lines need repairs, clogged toilets commonly occur when operator error occurs. In many cases of clogged toilets, something that should not have been flushed down a toilet has been flushed. The only thing people should flush is toilet paper and human waste. 

A simple device that most people ignore is the toilet lid. Leaving the lid down keeps foreign objects out. This is especially useful when shelves are above the toilet, or there are children around that might want to take a few action figures for a swim. It doesn’t take much for something foreign to fall in and be flushed unbeknownst to the homeowners. 

Apart from keeping the toilet lid down, paying attention to what is intentionally flushed is important. Many things that people think are okay to flush actually aren’t and will clog toilets, so never flush things like:

  • Wipes (even ones that claim to be flushable)
  • Paper towels
  • Tissues
  • Feminine products
  • Cotton swabs and other hygiene products 

Pay Attention to How Much Toilet Paper is Flushed 

toilet Toilet paper is flushable because it’s made to break down in the water, but flushing too much at once is still a common cause of clogged toilets. To prevent toilet clogs, homeowners should get in the habit of using less toilet paper. Or, if more toilet paper is needed, people can flush the toilet multiple times during a visit to the bathroom instead of letting massive amounts of toilet paper build up in the toilet basin.

These easy tips prevent the accumulation of too much toilet paper and the subsequent clog that is sure to form. This is especially important in homes with low-flow toilets since not as much water is used to move waste and toilet paper through the toilet drain and down the sewer lines. 

Don’t Forget About Sewer Line Clogs

A popular misconception is that clogged toilets are the toilet's fault, but in many cases, the problem lies deeper, down in the sewer line. The sewer line is the main pipe that removes waste and used water away from home. As such, it is responsible for handling all the liquid waste in the house. 

When too much grease, hair, or soap scum is allowed to deposit on the sewer line walls, flow is restricted to the point that solid waste stops flowing. A clog forms, and that causes toilets to back up and get clogged. To prevent sewer line clogs, homeowners should never put cooking oil or grease down any of the home’s drains. Homeowners can also call a professional for drain cleaning to help prevent clogs. 

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