Keep an Eye Out for Water Leaks

Tips for Identifying a Leak Early

A water leak in a home’s plumbing is an issue that isn’t entirely unavoidable. Most homeowners will have dealt with a water leak at some point, and the best thing for them to do is to catch it early before it becomes a full-blown plumbing emergency that causes extensive water damage that requires significant time and money to resolve. To find leaks early, homeowners must know what to look for. 

Common Symptoms of a Leak at Home 

Some leaks at home will be visible and easy to spot, such as dripping faucets, leaking toilets, and puddles of water around fixtures. However, some leaks aren’t as apparent and require homeowners to know some of the common signs that point to a leak. 

Some indicators of a leak include poor water pressure from plumbing fixtures, mold growth, the sound of water running when nothing is using water, and signs of water damage, such as water stains, peeling paint, sagging ceilings, and damaged or warped floors. 

Monitor the Water Bills

billWhile most signs of a water leak rely on a homeowner’s senses of sight and hearing, another important sign of leaks requires homeowners to develop a habit. Homeowners should track how much they spend each month on water costs, as a spike in the water bill can also indicate a leak.  

If the water bill is higher than what the household is usually charged, barring any drastic changes in water consumption, then chances are high that the cost difference is due to a leak. Even small leaks like a dripping faucet can waste significant amounts of water, which is reflected in the water bills.

Watch the Water Meter

water meterHomeowners can also use their home’s water meter to determine the presence of a leak. Some water meter models have a built-in leak indicator, which usually takes the form of a red or blue triangle that moves or spins when it detects a leak. But even without this built-in leak detector, water meters are still a helpful tool for homeowners to identify a leak. 

A homeowner should first shut off all appliances and plumbing fixtures that use water and then take note of the water meter reading. After a few hours, the water meter should be rechecked, and if the reading has changed, it means that water has continued to run even when it wasn’t being used, which points to a water leak. Then, homeowners can move on from confirming its presence to scheduling professional services for water leak repair. 

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